Curators Artists

A network that is getting bigger every day and now contains more than 300 Spotify playlists.

Curators meet Artists

A portal designed to help curators get more followers for their playlists. Artists can use their submission to improve the reach of their songs.

Playlist Overview

Track submitter finds the curators playlists on the overview and can filter by genre

Playlist submission pages

Choose which of your Spotify Playlists songs can be submitted to.

Own submissions overview

In the dashboard you have access to your own sent submissions.

Submissions received overview

As a curator, you can reject submissions in the dashboard or add them to your playlist if you like them. You can also see whether the submitters adhere to your submission condition.

Submission conditions

Determine which of your artists or playlists the submitter must follow so that he can suggest his own songs to you.

Curator landing page

A website where all your playlists can be found publicly. Perfect for sharing on social media platforms.

Approve or decline submissions

We have developed a reputation system that punishes submitters when they spam or send false song genres to your playlist.