Your tool to enrich your record label

Unleash your creative potential with our powerful music pro software.

A better way to work as a record label manager

Grow your record label as a team. Never again have to share links to files that become outdated after a short time. Let all your label members and artists search for tracks and releases in one system.

Access your label worldwide

Log in and have access to all resources of your label. No matter where you are in the world. Quickly and easily find links to tracks or export the data you need.

Content management

Keep your data under control. Search your repertoire with simple filters. Use a sophisticated tagging system.

Catalog management

Upload your audio files and use automatically generated audio formats (e.g. AAC 64K or Mp3 320K) right after the upload.

Audio player

Play your audio files with a waveform audio player. All audio data is protected from public access and your player reliably plays the AAC previews.

Rights manager

Link your tracks with the license shares of your contracts, which you can upload all in the original. Automatically calculate the royalties of your artists based on the distributor sales files.

Enter shares as simply as possible

We link shares individually to a track. This is the most flexible way to pay your artists after track sales.

Flexible Royalty-Sources

You can import any machine-readable sales report files from all your licensors. The data is matched and read into the database. Afterwards the royalties are automatically distributed to your artists.

Everything you need

All-in-one platform

A feature-rich record label workspace that you can certainly afford.

Export your audio files or any metadata

Your EPK-Zip (WAV or MP3) files downloadable in one click. Download all metadata as Excel sheet.

ISRC manager

Create as many ISRC roots as you need. Automatic suggestion of a following ISRC when creating a track.

FTP Uploader

Let the system automatically upload all audio files of your new album to the FPT server of the distributor. This way you can publish even faster.

Account management of your artists

Keep track of your artists' account balance. Enter new credits into the balance or cancel entries. Transparently show the account to your artists, via their own login.

File management

Attach files to all modules and have the fastest access when you need them again later. Whether it's artist contracts or invoices, you can attach anything.

Track management

Let input tools help you create tracks. Filter by what you are looking for and quickly find the matching results in a wonderful table.

Release manager

Create new albums easily with the Release Planner. Export your release to the formats you want. With one click you will be helped to publish on ROBA Music Publishing or Believe.

Work as a team

Give your employees access to the label. Give your artists access to the label. Continue to be creative together.