For Record Labels

Audio Management FREE

  • royalty statements for 1 account
  • 1 account
  • all FREE features

Audio Management PRO

  • royalty statements for 50 accounts
  • 50 accounts
  • all Audio Management PRO features

For Playlist Owners

Playlist Exchange FREE

  • 10 submission pages
  • LIVE status of all playlist submissions
  • be part of a growing curator network

Playlist Exchange INFLUENCER

  • 100 submission pages
  • your own customized playlists landing page
  • all Playlist Exchange FREE features

Feature Details

Playlist Exchange FREE Audio Management FREE Audio Management PRO
⸖ 1 playlist submission page for free ⸖ 1 free account for your royalty statements ⸖ 50 free accounts for your royalty statements
⸖ your playlist on ⸖ artist and licensor management ⸖ artist and licensor management
⸖ access to our playlist owner network ⸖ create as many sub labels as you want ⸖ create as many sub labels as you want
⸖ automatic playlist submission status ⸖ feature rich track management ⸖ feature rich track management
⸖ track auto remove scheduler ⸖ simple release and compilation builder ⸖ simple release and compilation builder


  • all record label pro features with no limits
  • enterprise support