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Key Features

  • Simple-to-handle accounts management system.
  • Import statements from all major distributors.
  • Generate professional and detailed statements (xls, pdf, csv) to send to your licensors.
  • Integrated contact database & contact management.
  • Allows complex options such as separate royalties by media type (streaming / download / bundle download etc.)
  • Quickly create and deliver pre-release promos to send to your industry contacts, DJs, Tastemakers, Radio Stations, Blogs etc.
  • Automatically generate custom-branded landing pages for releases (also: branded artist links including player)
  • Steadily manage and expand your own email promo list. Import and export as csv. Social Unlocks
  • Monitor and export pdf feedback as well as auto share with artists involved with the release.
Music Catalog & Artist Rooster
  • Seamlessly manage your track catalog with the integrated easy-to-navigate functions. (Filter by genre, tags, artist, catalog number.)
  • Never lose your audio masters, contracts or important documents.
  • Find the fitting track for your release in no time.
  • Easily maintain and update your artists' essential data in one place. (Agreements, Bios, Pictures, Financial data etc.)
  • Manage and distribute your catalog online via Labelcontrol using your own distributor deals or our optional distribution service.
  • Automatically upload DJ Mixes of your artists to your Mixcloud channel. Analyse live-data and monitor your Mixcloud development.
  • Automatically upload tracks or full releases from your catalog to your soundcloud channel. Analyse live-data and monitor your Soundcloud development.
  • Automatically generate videos (and playlists) from your catalog using your release artwork and upload them to your YouTube channel. Choose from multiple themes. Analyse live-data and monitor your Youtube development.
  • Automatically generate playlists, with the Smart-Playlist-Builder from your catalog and upload them to your Spotify accounts. Analyse live-data and monitor your Spotify engagement.
Artist & Label Page
  • Labelcontrol creates beautifully designed artist and label pages for first peeks and feedback.
  • Automatically generate custom branded landing pages for releases.
Compilation Builder Tool
  • Easily make compilations from existing releases with the sophisticated Smart-Playlist-Builder tool.
User Access Management
  • Create additional user logins with unique permissions to run your label as a team.
  • Create external user logins.
Release Planer
  • Schedule releases with the release calendar to keep track of release dates.
  • Send beautifully designed notification emails to artists (release preview, release info etc.)

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